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Many people feel overwhelmed by multiple competing financial concerns, opinions, and products. That can lead to stress and uncertainty – and poor decisions with their money. Instead, it’s important to first organize financial priorities and understand the proper order for addressing your specific situation. Take care of today, establish a good foundation to respond to life events, and then build on that solid framework to prepare for the time ahead.


Protection includes securing your life, your income, your legacy and your vulnerability to lawsuits. It is the foundation to your overall financial plan. Without the proper protection strategies in place, there is room for major pitfalls that can set you back unexpectedly.

Accumulating vs. Distributing Assets

When accumulating you can’t tell someone how much to save. You can only suggest or recommend a savings rate for people. I can orchestrate where best to put that money, being mindful of an ultimate distribution of assets, taking into consideration how much is taxable and how much is not taxable. 


It doesn’t matter how much money you have; it's focusing on what income you will have to work with and how much net income can I derive from it.

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