Richard Jasper, CLU, ChFC

Richard focuses on a vision – your vision. He simulates his passion for photography into his financial planning work by capturing the perspective of your current situation, future goals, personal life, and professional career through a “wide-angle lens” to paint the picture of your complete financial world. This helps to ensure no information goes overlooked that could directly or indirectly impact a financial strategy.






Problem Solver

As a financial advisor, Richard works with individuals and business owners who are motivated to develop and implement financial plans in accordance with their lifestyles. It is through Richard’s experience of being in the finance industry for over 40 years that he, along with his team of financial specialists, can guide his clients to financial confidence. He emphasizes that financial strategies should coordinate with a client’s short-term and long-term goals.

Richard prides himself in his ability to communicate and simplify difficult concepts to his clients. Anyone who knows Richard knows that he is geographically inclined and has an exceptional gift of offering thorough explanations and directions. It is through those same qualities of mindfulness and careful analysis mixed with his ability to listen to others that Richard can help his clients build financial plans that fuel growth, accumulation, wealth preservation all while focusing on the four domains of any financial life: assets, liabilities, protection, and cash flow.

Richard is a member of the AALU, NAIFA, and MDRT. He and his wife, Millie, are lifelong residents of Westchester County, New York, where they raised their two children.

What We Do

We orchestrate where your assets should be to create the necessary efficiencies in guiding you toward a greater level of financial success.

What is the difference between needs-based financial planning and evidence-based financial planning?

Taking all things into consideration: inflation, stock market volatility, taxes, etc., do you know exactly how much you will need when you retire? The answer is always no.

Rather than planning your future from a perspective of hoping that you have enough in retirement based on conjecture of what those needs are, we focus on evidence-based financial strategies. It is crucial to consider the planning process from a holistic, macro-economic perspective that really defines each piece of your financial world to create a strategic plan for your future that starts with confidence and ends with opportunity.

The Process



Many people feel overwhelmed by multiple competing financial concerns, opinions, and products. That can lead to stress and uncertainty – and ultimately, poor decisions with their money. Instead, it’s important to first organize financial priorities and understand the proper order for addressing your specific situation. Take care of today, establish a good foundation to respond to life events, and then build on that solid framework to prepare for the time ahead.



Protection includes strategies to protect your life, your income, your legacy and your vulnerability to lawsuits. It is the foundation to your overall financial plan. Without the proper protection strategies in place, there is room to be impacted by major pitfalls that can set you back unexpectedly.



When accumulating assets there is no specific number to tell someone as to how much they should save. There are only suggestions or recommendations of savings rates to consider. We orchestrate where best to put those accumulated money assets. While doing so, we are mindful of an ultimate distribution of assets and consider how much is taxable and how much is not taxable.



It does not matter how much money you have. The distribution of assets is a critical part of a financial strategy that focuses on the development of a process where you can maximize gains and the amount of net income you can derive from your assets while minimizing taxable events and penalties.

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